DC TV Classics 13 – The Aqua-Manny: Commentary Track for CW’s ‘Aquaman’ Pilot

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This week on DC TV Classics, Britney, Desiree, and Keith watch The CW’s unaired Aquaman pilot starring Justin Hartley and provide their own commentary track. Now that Aquaman is finally a cool superhero again (shout out former co-host Ken Knudtsen!) thanks to Jason Momoa in Justice League, we revisit the Smallville spin-off that initially tried to Make Aquaman Great Again! Download the episode on iTunes, and follow along as we comment on the Aquaman show that almost was. See Justin Hartley before he was the Green Arrow and before he was The Manny! Afterwards, Britney, Desiree, and Keith break down Aquaman’s reputation as a lame superhero and what to expect from his forthcoming cinematic debut.

Before the commentary, Desiree shares her thoughts on watching Teen Titans: The Judas Contract on her birthday, Britney gets excited about the return of Bruce Timm’s animated Batman in the just announced Batman & Harley Quinn animated movie!

About the podcast: DC TV Classics, a product of DC TV Podcasts, is dedicated to reflecting and discussing the previous DC Comics television shows that have come before, such as The Adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman ’66, Smallville, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Birds of Prey, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and much more. Join Keith Chow, Britney Monae and Desiree Rodriguez twice per month as they explore some of these beloved and classic DC TV shows. DC TV Classics is not affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros. Television. Logos and artwork featuring DC Comics characters or properties, are trademark of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.

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  1. I got this pilot free on Google play. It was a hilarious and badly written screenplay. The story could have evolved into something. I mean not every pilot is gold. This story seemed close to Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. Now that you guys are talking about it, I’m going to watch it again.

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