Adventures of Supergirl Radio – Issue #5

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In this episode of Adventures of Supergirl Radio, your hosts Carly Lane and Rebecca Johnson discuss the fifth issue of Adventures of Supergirl, the digital comic based on CBS’ Supergirl TV series!

Official Description for Adventures of Supergirl #5: “Winn Schott’s battle against the alien hacker known as Vril Dox has taken a dangerous turn. Supergirl isn’t the kind of help he needs on this case, but where will he find an ally?

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  1. Just for your info, according to what I’ve read online, the whole series (13 issues according to one source or 18 according to a different source) will be gathered and printed as a trade paperback to go on sale in August. Amazon is selling it for $13.48. (It’s called “Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 1 (Supergirl Digital First)”)
    Also DC will gather 3-issues-at-a-time and print them as a comic. Those will be in print starting in mid-May and cost $2.99..

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